Sunshine Overview
Sunshine Law Firm is a leading PRC law firm specializing in energy and infrastructure projects and environmental matters and, since 2011, has been consistently ranked as a leading PRC law firm in the energy, infrastructure and environment areas by international ranking agencies and journals including Chambers, International Financial Law Review, Asian Legal Business, China Law and Practice and China Business Law Journal.

The firm has advised on numerous energy and infrastructure projects both in China and in more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America. These projects have included wind, hydro, solar, thermal and nuclear power, oil and gas, coal, transportation and other infrastructure projects.

Sunshine Law Firm has pioneered in building an environment practice which focuses on climate change, carbon trading, energy conservation, emission reduction, water and waste treatment and risk control. The firm has also founded a unique Environment, Resources and Energy (“ERE”) Research Center which conducts frontier legal research on ERE laws and regulations, provides advice to the relevant regulators in China and engages in ERE training programs tailored to its clients’ requirements.

Sunshine Law Firm has four offices across China in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and has more than 70 lawyers who represent both PRC and international clients in practice areas such as foreign direct investment, M&A, Chinese outbound investment, project finance, EPC contracts, international trade, technology transfer, environmental matters, regulatory and compliance, employment and dispute resolution.
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