BRIC Alliance Firm
At 9:30 on December 9, 2012, "China BRIC Law Firms (LBL)" was officially launched at the Beijing Hotel by the eight professional law firms. LBL cover eight areas——taxation, commercial litigation, financial investment, international trade, intellectual property, real estate, labor law and energy & environment. The eight law firms have won international renowned legal rating agency "Chambers" award in their respective areas, which are leaders in their fields.

BRIC Law Firms include:
Beijing Hwuason Law Firm:
Beijing Tian Tong Law Firm:
Beijing Hankun Law Firm:
Beijing Huanzhong Law Firm:
Beijing Lifang Law Firm:
Shanghai Jianwei Law Firm:
Shanghai River Delta Law Firm:
Zhejiang Sunshine Law Firm:

Aims and Objectives of BRIC Law Firms:
Facilitate the development of members’ management, professional and other capabilities to grow and become models of Chinese professional law firms;

Expand brand awareness and influence of BRIC law firms and members to promote their development through joint publicity and promotion;

Promote the professional development of the legal services sector by members and professionals together by the lead and promotion of members and mechanisms in various areas.

Cooperation Mechanism
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